BACP 4 Streams 3 Prongs Approach


BACP is a social enterprise focusing on youth and youth-at-risk.


There are two ways in which we engage our target group. One, through offering services catered for them, such as our martial arts programme and coaching services. Two, provide job opportunities where they can engage in work of their passion, earn a good income while contributing to society (our mission).

Under our "4 Streams", we believe that one must be proficient in these four basic areas (Self Mastery, Presentation and Influence, IT and Martial Arts) to succeed in whatever they do. You must be asking why.


Our operations are supported by "3 prongs" - BACP Web Articles where we expand our influence through sharing of our perspectives online, BACP Workshop where we engage people through seminars, workshops and conferences. Most importantly, BACP Partner Network where we work together seamlessly to achieve our shared vision.


We believe that every individual has something to contribute to this world. All we need to do is to put them in the right place.

To Lead. To Inspire. To Empower - BACP